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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

What Does This Mean?

Cyber security awareness means that we each have a responsibility to make sure everyone is more secure from an information technology perspective. We want to inform you about how to avoid being scammed by malicious actors, so that you can spread the message to help our community learn more about the importance of cyber security.

Although we spend considerable amounts of money on cyber security in an effort to protect our users, we cannot protect you in all cases. As a last line of defense, it is important for everyone to be educated about how to protect themselves online. By adhering to a number of simple steps and principles, individuals can reduce the chance that they will fall victim to a cyber attack. Cyber security awareness aims to maximize the reach of this education and awareness by calling on everyone to participate. If you know the basics of staying safe online, you will be more comfortable teaching others in your family and/or community.

Do you want to help make the internet safer? Start here with this poster from on five things you can do to be a responsible digital citizen - Click here to download the poster. 

During the month of October, we will send out a daily email with educational material about cyber security. After each week, the previous week's email will be posted here for easy retrieval. Feel free to use any of this educational material as needed, any time of the year.