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Diagnostic and testing services in Arkansas

Strawberry disease sampling
Arkansas offers many diagnostic and testing services which provide helpful information to aid farmers with decision-making in their daily operations.

Arkansas offers many testing and diagnostic services to its residents and farmers, some free of charge.  Whether you're a cattle rancher, fish farmer, home gardener, or land owner—whatever you need to help your operation run smoothly—Arkansas has you covered.  

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture's Fayetteville campus is home to the Water Quality Laboratory, which processes samples from irrigation sources and reservoirs, the Plant Health Clinic, which provides diagnosis of plant diseases, and the Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory, which provides diagnosis of nutrient toxicity or deficiency in plants and soil.  The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture also provides water quality testing for aquaculture at the Lonoke Agricultural Center, nematode testing at the Arkansas Nematode Diagnostic Laboratory at the Southwest Research and Extension Center in Hope, soil testing and fertilizer recommendations at the Soil Testing Lab at Marianna, and has several locations throughout the state for diagnosing diseases in fish.  The Arkansas Department of Health offers testing for harmful bacteria which can be found in drinking water or irrigation water to be used in horticultural crops and rabies testing for animals suspected of being infected with the rabies virus.  The Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission is home to the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, which is used primarily by veterinarians and producers to obtain cause of death in animals.  Below, you will find contact information for each of these services provided in our state.  Additional services may be available. Contact your local county extension agent for more information.  


Improving to serve you:  Watch the ground breaking ceremony to celebrate the expansion and renovation of the Soil Testing Lab     




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