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Weed Management in Arkansas Row-crops

 Image of green weeds covering the groundA weed can be defined as "any plant growing where it is not wanted".  Weeds infest lawns, driveways, gardens, crop land, forests, pastures, ponds, rights of way  and water ways each year.  Weed infestations in Arkansas can have a direct effect on land use, value and profitability.  Some weeds have useful purposes or are appealing when in bloom and others are nothing but trouble causing allergic reactions and unpleasant smells.  Weeds can be the most important pest effecting crops. Weeds compete with crop plants for available light, water, nutrients and space. Most Extension recommendations for everything from variety, seeding rates, fertility and even grazing are based on having weed free crops. The information on this page contains useful practical recommendations for weed identification and management (control).


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