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Women Owning Woodlands

Picture of a woman holding a hazelnutm smiling at camera
 Welcome to my land!
Did you know that women landowners, including agriculture and forest land, are the fastest growing population of landowners? 
According to the National Woodland Owner Survey (Butler 2008), across the Nation, women manage 13% of the Nation's forest acreage and represent 16% of all woodland owners.


And most importantly, the number of women woodland owners is expected to increase. 

Some women woodland owners are not as familiar with managing their woodlands as their male counterparts.  Some are very comfortable with managing their woodlands and are active in all aspects of managing their property. We have educational materials for women woodland owners regardless of their experience with woodland management through our Women Owning Woodlands Program.

Woman placing sticky notes onto a flip chart
Goal Setting: Woman woodland owner listing her personal goals for her land. (Image: T. Walkingstick, UA Division of Agriculture)

The Women Owning Woodlands is a program that teaches women to manage and care for their woodlands. The University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service holds workshops for women woodland owners from across the State.  Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to manage your woodlands to meet your goals.  

Topics covered in past workshops include estate planning, the basics of basis, why you need a management plan, and who can help you meet your goals.   If you have topics you'd like for us to address, contact us at 501-671-2346.  

Women at a Women Owning Woodlands Workshop learning how to determine tree height.  (Image: UA Division of Agriculture)

We had a great time at our 2013 Women Owning Woodlands Workshop held the Southwest Research and Extension Center!  We hope that you can join us next year.  Check in with us to learn about the next WOW event! 

 To read an article about extension education for women woodland owners read this newspaper article.

For more information, contact us. or your local county Extension office!


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