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Welcome to the

Miller County, Arkansas
Cooperative Extension Service 

Who Are We?

  • Cooperative Extension Service (CES)

    We are part of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service's statewide network and the University of Arkansas System's Division of Agriculture. Our mission is to provide research-based information through non-formal education to help all Arkansans improve their economic well-being and the quality of lives. Whether it is agriculture, 4-H, health and living, or community development, the Miller County Extension Office is at your service.

What Does Extension Do?

Never heard of the Extension Service? Not sure what we do? Completely confused by organizational purposes, missions, goals and objectives? OK, check out this video for an overview of some of the things we do.

Here are a couple of the things we have been doing in Miller County. Check out our Programs page for upcoming events, Newsletter page for the latest news, and Articles page for public service announcements regarding events.

Family & Consumer Sciences                                     Empowering Healthier Residents

Carla Hadley

Miller County Family & Consumer Sciences

Miller County focuses on helping our residents create healthier lifestyles and chronic disease prevention through multi-session lessons focusing on health and wellness. Educational programs included multi-session cooking schools, cooking demonstrations, educational sessions, educational exhibits, weekly foods articles, and daily social media posts.

Carla Hadley, Miller County Staff Chair/Family & Consumer Sciences Agent

  • Best Care Early Childhood Training

    Carla Hadley teaching child care providers at Best Care Early Childhood Training
    We had over 110 participants from Miller, Hempstead, Little River, Howard, Bowie, and Cass Counties attend our Best Care Early Childhood Training Saturday, January 28th, at the 1st Methodist Church in Texarkana.

    Topics included:

    • Two Bite Club
    • Grow It, Try It, Like It (2 parts)
    • Active Play
    • Child Care Prepared: Disaster Preparedness
    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Classroom Transitions
    • Let's Sing...Do, Re, Me!
    • Celebrating Cultures: Activities and Resources for the Multicultural Classroom
    • Infant and Toddler Literacy
  • Diabetes Training at Opportunities, Inc.

    Opportunities Inc residents learn how to live healthy with diabetes
    Opportunity residents learned how to live healthy with diabetes.

  • Pick a Better Snack at Trice Elementary School

    Learning about taste, texture, and tartness of apples during our "Pick a Better Snack" lesson in Mrs. Adcock's class at Edward D. Trice Elementary School. The students compared a Granny Smith versus Gala apple and learned about how they are healthy. Most liked the Granny Smith best! Her students participate weekly in the Arkansas SNAP-Ed program where they learn to Pick a Better Snack. We love the enthusiasm of this school, the teachers and the children in learning to make healthier food choices.

    2nd grade students compare Granny Smith versus Gala apples
    Second graders in Mrs. Druhan's class at Trice Elementary hold up their choice for favorite apple - Gala versus Granny Smith. Granny Smith won! They learned about why apples are healthy and why we eat them for snacks. Mrs. Druhan's students learn about a new fruit or vegetable each week and are learning to make healthier food choices while learning about MyPlate.
    2nd grade students raise their hands to vote for their favorite apple

  • Come and Go Financial Fair at The Lofts in Texarkana

    On Monday, February 27 through March 1, we offered a Come and Go Financial Fair at The Lofts in Texarkana, where the public could win prizes simply by viewing exhibits and answering a short questionnaire. The winner of the umbrella was Ms Doris. Congratulations!

    Ms Doris holding her umbrella after winning at the Financial Fair

Extension Homemaker Council (EHC)    

The Miller County Extension Homemaker Club members and people just like you! They are homemakers, working moms and grandmothers, retired women, etc., who strive to learn everything from A to Z that can help them better themselves financially, improve their family relationships, become healthier, and serve in their communities and neighborhoods.

The Miller County EHC currently has 4 active clubs with approximately 45 members. For more information about the Arkansas EHC, click here.

  • Fall District Rally - Presidents' Day - WONDER WOMAN
    Miller County Extension Homemakers striking their wonder woman pose

    At our EHC Fall District Rally, Extension Homemaker Club members develop leadership skills that they then bring back to organize activities and events to benefit their communities.  

    At our Fall District Rally in October, we learned about showing confidence by striking a wonder woman pose.

    Miller County Extension Homemaker Club members striking their wonder woman pose

  • EHC Leader Training - "POISONS IN THE HOME"
    Women viewing various containers of pills and liquids to tell the difference between poison and not at EHC Leader Training

     At our September EHC Leader Training, we attempted to see if we could determine the difference between a household item and a poison by simply viewing unopened containers.

    It is much more difficult that you might initially expect. Click below for more information on hazardous household products.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Expanded Foods Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)    

Learn how to stretch your food dollars while feeding your family a delicious and nutritious meal. Want to join a group and learn how to be active and eat healthier? Contact Missy Turnage.


Agriculture and Natural Resources

Jennifer Caraway

Miller County Agriculture

The Miller County Extension Service offers numerous programs in agriculture. We offer programs and the latest research-based information regarding livestock and forages, row crops, plant disease diagnoses, soil testing, lawn care, pesticide applicator trainings, demonstrations for fire ants, forages, feral hog control, and much more. We work hard to assist the farmer as well as the homeowner in achieving their crop's fullest potential.

Jennifer Caraway, Miller County Agriculture Agent

 Some of the events we have recently offered are:

  • First Annual Southwest Row Crop Meetings

    The First Southwest Annual Row Crop meeting this morning at Big Jake's BBQ. We discussed corn, wheat, soybeans, and rice. Our thanks go to Green Point Ag for sponsoring the meal and to everyone who came out. It was a great meeting.

    participants sitting in front of laptop computers

  • Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD)

    The Veterinary Feed Directive goes into effect in January 2017 and will have a big effect on how you feed your show animals. Call for details on how this directive will affect your show barn. Learn more in our Animal Science E-Newsletter below.

    Veterinary Feed Directive meeting participants

  • Feral Hog Control Workshop

    We had 15 participants attend the Feral Hog Control Workshop on December 8th. For more information on controlling these pests, click on the link below.

    feral hog in trap

  • Buffalo Gnat Control on Sulfur River

    Jennifer Caraway, along with retired Miller County agent Doug Petty and NRCS agents Roger Gold and Seth Crow, scouted Sulfur River for buffalo gnats. We went December 19, 2016 and again January 10, 2017.

    Livestock producers along the SW part of Miller County did not receive any damage during the FY08 year as a result of successful surveys and treatments of the buffalo gnat program. In years when the program was not in effect, livestock producers lost 42 calves, 2 cows, 12 horses and over $750,000 in productivity. Local industry has also lost over $500,000 in production.

    This year there was no significant damage due to one timely treatment to the entire 42 miles of river at a cost of $15,000 in pesticides. A second application was conducted to control local hot spots, identified through special sampling techniques and treatment with a low rate of a larvacide. This was an reduced rate trial in cooperation with Dr. Kelly Loftin.  The larvae was sampled, evaluated by age and population, marked by GPS equipment, then treated with a ¼ rate of bt by an injection system.  Two 5 mile sections of river were treated, preventing the need of an additional full treatment.  Through timing and river management almost $10,000 was saved in pesticide costs than had been needed in past years.  Sampling of the river before and after each treatment, showed an excellent reduction of larvae by 96%. 

    Programs on "Buffalo Gnats and Their Control" was also conducted to 46 livestock produces and coordinated treatments through 3 committee meetings.

    Photos below are of Jennifer and Doug checking debris for larvae in January and Jennifer bundled up against the freezing cold in December.

    Find out more about the Buffalo Gnat Program in Miller County below:

    Jennifer Caraway and Doug Petty on the boat scouting for buffalo gnats

    Jennifer Caraway and Doug Petty bundled up against the freezing cold on the river checking for buffalo gnats

  • Four States Cattle Conference

    Topics Included:

    • Success From a Producer's Perspective
    • Mineral Supplementation
    • Cattle Market Outlook
    • Winter Cow Nutrition
    • Tradeshow and More!

    The Cattle Conference was held at the University Center Building in Texarkana, Texas 75503 on December 13, 2016.

    participants listening to presenter at Cattle Conference

  • Beekeeping Classes

    Jon Zawislak, University of Arkansas Apiculturist and EAS Certified Master Beekeeper is teaching us everything we need to begin keeping honey bees safely and successfully at home in this 3-course beekeeping class, November 7, 14 and 21, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Beech Street Baptist Church Family Activity Center, 601 Beech Street, Texarkana, AR.

    Jon Zawislak teaching day 2 of our beekeeping class

  • Horticulture Workshop

    Janet Carson, Extension Horticulture Specialist and State Coordinator of Arkansas Master Gardener Program, teaching at Day 1 of a three-day horticulture workshop in Texarkana.

    Janet Carson teaching at day 1 of horticulture workshop

  • Four States Agricultural Exposition

    We had over 300 attendees show up for the AG Expo on February 9, 2017 to learn more about many various topics. We offer our appreciation to those who volunteered and co-sponsored to make this full-day activity a success. The Ag Expo is Miller County's largest agricultural workshop to date.

    Ag Expo attendees signing in and viewing exhibits

  • Farmers in Miller County

    Click HERE to read about the lives of a few of the men and women who produce goods for all aspects of our lives, from the food we eat and clothes we wear, to goods made with byproducts that make our lives better. 


4-H Youth Development

Samantha Kroll

Miller County 4-H

Growing 4-H is a top priority in Miller County. Each year we introduce a new generation of youth and leaders to the 4-H program. Through fliers, radio interviews, new clubs, school programs, leader training, and news articles, we are growing our 4-H program.

With the addition of our 4-H Agent, Samantha Kroll, doors are opening and clubs are becoming active and being built around educational and entertaining activities.

Samantha Kroll, Miller County 4-H Agent

  • 4-H Day at the Capitol

    Miller County 4-Hers were given a tour of the site where representative Carol Dalby sits during session at the state capitol. We had four 4-Hers attend and they were allowed to enter the treasury vault where each youth held $100,000 in cash!

    4-Hers posing in the Little Rock Arkansas capitol with Miller County Representative Carol Dalby

    4-Hers posing in the Little Rock Arkansas vault holding $100,000 each

  • 2017 National SeaPearch Challenge Tryouts

    University of Arkansas 4-H Science and Curriculum Coordinator, Rick Fields, visited Miller County March 6 to teach two 4-Hers - Luke and Colton - how to build an underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). The SeaPeach program provides the opportunity to learn about robotics, engineering, science, and mathematics (STEM). They will learn engineering concepts, problem solving, teamwork and technical applications.

    collage of photos of Luke and Colton working with Rick Fields on SeaPearch robot