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We are part of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service’s statewide network and the University of Arkansas System’s Division of Agriculture.  Our mission is to provide research-based information through non-formal education to help all Arkansans improve their economic well-being and the quality of their lives.  Whether it is agriculture, 4-H, health and living, or community development, the Baxter County Extension Office is at your service!

Local Veterinarian conducting semen test for bull breeding soundness exam

Beef and Forage Education

Beef production plays a very important role in the economy of Baxter County. Producers face management and production limitations on a frequent basis. Clientele continue to look to the Cooperative Extension Service for unbiased, research based information to assist them in making their operations more efficient, productive and sustainable.

The Baxter County Extension Council is the advisory board to the Cooperative Extension office and the council sets the priority on activities and programs. To address  some of the issues producers face, the Baxter County Cooperative Extension Service planned and conducted an area stocker cattle conference, two "Pasture Weed Control" educational meetings, demonstration on proper refrigerator temperature for storing cattle vaccines, demonstration on hay feeding for nutrient management, two stockpile forage demos, and pesticide applicator training for producers.

There were 36 attendees at the area stocker cattle conference. From the evaluation attendees rated all the topics valuable and they believe adopting information at the conference will increase returns to their operation by $3,642/farm. From the two pasture weed control meetings, 82 forage producers gained knowledge on proper herbicide selection and timing to control weeds. Fourteen producers participated in the proper temperature  to store vaccines demo. In the hay feeding for nutrient management demo, the phosphorus, potassium and organic matter levels were increased. There was a total savings of $1,438 from the two stockpile forage demos and 41 producers were certified at PAT.

Photo: Beef cattle plays an important economic role in the county.

MG Seminar

Master Gardeners at the Fair

The Baxter County Fair in Mountain Home is an annual event that takes place the first full week after Labor Day. At the fair, county residents can exhibit their vegetables, field crops, floral arrangements, flowers, herbs, food preservation, cattle, swine, sheep, goats, etc. Fair Board members and many volunteers are needed to conduct the county fair.

 The horticulture department needs volunteers to oversee it during the fair. Since the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service offers the Master Gardener (MG) program, and MGers are required to donate volunteer hours back to the community through various public events and beautification projects in the county, the MGers decided to oversee the horticulture department as one of their projects.

MGers manage the exhibit listings for the horticulture section of the Baxter County Fair book. They oversee the horticulture room including the Jr. and Sr. horticulture exhibits. Coordinators recruit and train other MGers to register exhibits and staff the horticulture department at the fair. An exhibit grooming table is also staffed by MGers during fair registration to assist with final entry preparations. There were 38 MGers volunteering 429 hours during the 2015 fair. This is an economic value of $ 9,897. Attendance at the fair was over 26,500.

Photo: Master Gardeners registering entries at the Baxter County fair.


 AEHC logo

Extension Homemakers Council

The mission of Arkansas Extension Homemakers is to empower individuals and families to achieve the best quality of life through continuing education, strengthening individuals and families, and developing personal skills. Being an EHC member means belonging to one of the largest adult volunteer organizations in Arkansas. Are you interested in serving your community, learning new skills, and enjoying the fellowship of others? We currently have four EHC clubs in Baxter County, and each club has its own personality and interests. You are invited to visit one, two, or all of the clubs!

Baxter County, Arkansas 4H shooting sports

Saddle Up for Success-Equine Science

There are a large number of youth interested in equine science education in Baxter County. The 4-H Easy Riders Club offers weekly riding sessions during the summer, well planned monthly club meetings, hands-on club activities, monthly Hippology study groups and various other educational opportunities. With these horse based programs youth are learning not just about showing horses, but they are gaining life skills that will aid them in growing into self-sufficient leaders of tomorrow.

In 2015, club members won the state 4-H Hippology competition and placed 6th in the horse judging portion of the Southern Regional 4-H Horse Show Hippology contest.

Club membership continues to grow as other youth from the community witness the incredible opportunities that these 4-H members take part in. For more information about 4-H Clubs and activities, contact the Baxter County Extension Office at 870-425-2335.

Photo: 2015 North Arkansas Junior Spring Horse Show Queens contest winners.