UACES Facebook Ballot Issue 5

Issue 5 - An Amendment to Allow Three Casinos to Operate in Arkansas, One Each in the Following Counties: Boone County, Operated by Arkansas Gaming and Resorts, LLC; Miller County, Operated by Miller County Gaming, LLC; and Washington County, Operated by Washington County Gaming LLC.

Update - Issue 5 has been struck from the ballot

The Arkansas Supreme Court on Oct. 13, 2016 ruled that votes cast for or against Issue 5 will not be counted. The court ruling came after many counties printed paper and absentee ballots. This means the issue may still appear on your ballot, but know that the issue has been struck and votes on this issue will not be tallied. 

Know before you vote - Issue 5 fact sheet

Find out what supporters and opponents say about the issue by downloading the 2016 Arkansas Ballot Issues Voter Guide. The guide includes a handy reference sheet to help you remember your choices when it comes time to vote.

On Election Day, you will see only the popular name and title of each proposal. Want to read the rest of it? Here's a link to the complete text of Issue 5. 

Our specialists explain the facts about Issue 5 in the video below. 


What's being proposed?

Voters are being asked to approve multiple changes to the Arkansas Constitution. If the majority of voters say yes, this amendment would:

  1. Authorize three casinos to operate in Arkansas, one each in Boone, Miller and Washington counties.
  2. Identify the companies that will operate the three casinos.
  3. Define what type of casino gaming may occur at the three casinos.
  4. Create the Arkansas Gaming Commission to regulate the casinos.
  5. Establish tax rates on casino gaming net receipts that casinos must pay the state and local governments.
  6. Determine what other taxes would be applicable to the casinos.
  7. Allow the casinos to operate any day, all day.
  8. Allow the casinos to serve alcohol during all hours they are open.
  9. Permit the shipment of gaming devices to the casinos.
  10. Establish that the amendment would not affect Amendment 84 rules for bingo or raffles, Amendment 87 rules for the state lottery or Arkansas Code 23-113-201 that allows for electronic games of skill at race tracks.

How did this issue get on the ballot? 

A citizen group collected signatures from more than 84,859 registered voters from at least 15 counties across the state.

Who is supporting or opposing this measure?

Opponents and supporters that spend money to campaign are required to register with the Arkansas Ethics Commission as aballot or legislative question committee. Visit the Commission's website to view these filings, which include names of people behind a group and how much money has been raised or spent. 

Arkansas Wins in 2016, LLC and Arkansas Winning Initiative, Inc. have filed with the Arkansas Ethics Commission to support Issue 5. Committee to Protect Arkansas' Values Stop Casinos Now and Families First Action Committee have filed to oppose the measure.