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Arkansas Economic Development Opportunities

Many communities and regions in Arkansas are affected by the changing global economy. The University of Arkansas Community & Economic Development unit can assist your Arkansas community and region.

  • Identify new economic opportunities,
  • Estimate the number of jobs, income and value added that would be generated by the chosen economic strategies,
  • Estimate the additional revenue and expenses for local governments that would be generated by the chosen economic strategies, and
  • Assist Communities implement the chosen economic strategies.

Our programs assist community leaders identify and implement economic strategies that build strong and vibrant economies. Our programs and personnel assist community leaders describe economic trends, identify local assets and regional opportunities and evaluate the economic and fiscal impacts of different strategies and projects.

For more information on how to access these programs and assistance, contact your county extension agent or email us at or call (501) 671-2072.

Arkansas Economic Conditions, Trends and Opportunities

Identify economic opportunities for your region.

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Estimating and Understanding Economic Impacts

Economic & fiscal impact of different industries, strategies and projects in your region.

Economic and Fiscal Impact